Reggae & Soul Musician


Matty Z

  In 1992 I went on a Vision quest to the island of Kaua’i . Searching for meaning and purpose; my prayers were immediately answered. Healers, channelers, metaphysical teachers and meditators were all around. Not to mention perfect waves, fresh papaya, breaching whales, emerald mountain sunsets etc. God was everywhere! I had arrived.

       Soon enough an awakened Master named Redfeather shared “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) with me. It’s a channeled book instructing mankind to yield to God and release the ego dream of separation to experience our Divine Reality. He also very kindly, and firmly, told me to get to work! Revealing Himself as one of my Guides, He assured me that True Forgiveness is the only way Home. Needless to say, the journey of Awakening had begun.  

  The Course and everything in my life quickly reflected back to me what I had always felt deep inside…. That God is Love and that there must be correction in our minds in order to reclaim the experience of  that Love, which is the Truth of  our very Being. We are all The Christ… but like the prodigal we need to CHOOSE to go Home. I was truly relieved and committed my life to healing, through The Guidance of The Holy Spirit.

  A couple weeks later while studying squadrons of Albatross skimming across twenty- foot wave faces, Spirit spoke to me saying…”It’s a matter of trust”. I knew He was talking about EVERYTHING. All experience of God required trusting in to His Vision. Truly giving up the dream of deciding what everything was on my own. I also knew the words that were to follow would be a song….but first (as has always been the case with all of my songs) a lesson for me to study and embody the meaning of. The messages/songs continually flowed and I kept learning and singing, putting the poems to music as they came. Using them to keep my mind in that place, where I am available to Him and listening for His direction. Healing and forgiving as a way of life.

I left the Garden Isle with a solid foundation in True Listening, and a lot of music! Clear about my purpose now, I realized life would simply be a commitment to His Guidance. Retracing my steps back home with His help and sharing when instructed to do so. I facilitated Course learning and progressed as a healer both in private and public settings…sometimes with music. Songs just kept coming and I  knew one day that what I heard inside, would get to tape.

  Thanks to many generous and talented friends, that day has come. “Universal Love” is truly an expression of God’s unifying and healing Light. A joint venture to say the least.  Produced by Ron Saint Germain for release in spring 2009… my album includes the mastery of bassist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson etc.), keyboardist Sidney Mills (Steel Pulse), Ian Hatton (Bonham) on lead guitar, drummer Rock Deadrick (Tracy Chapman), on horns, Pam Fleming and Jenny Hill (Ras Brass, Burning Spear), Clifford Carter (Carly Simon) on piano, and many other gifted players.

   Awakening is at hand… so let’s celebrate the end of the journey without distance together. I’m so grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you when we play in your neck of the Kingdom of Heaven…where we all are right now…”It’s just a matter of trust” to SEE it.